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Mike Gentile

Work on the Stalder Building has commenced. As much as we would like to have seen more preservation of the original structure, we are pleased with the proposed concept. The proposed construction includes preservation and restoration of the existing façade, and a generous setback (the distance between the façade and the new building that will rise behind it) along Mission Inn Avenue. This plan, shepherded by Ted Weggeland, is a marked improvement over every previous proposed development of the site. We look forward to the reinvigoration of this historic site.

The Imperial Lofts project at the corner of University and Main

streets is nearing completion. According to the developer, the ground floor will look much like the original from the outside, but our enthusiasm is guarded due to the removal of the lower portion of the façade. We look forward to seeing the inside, since we were promised that original materials would be reused in the construction.

The Cultural Heritage Board recently voted to honor the downtown library with City Landmark status. Final approval will go to the City Council in April. We will let you know the results in our monthly e-mail update.

Bad news for those who like Googie! The owner of the restaurant on the northeast corner of Brockton
and University filled in the space-age windows on the Brockton side and are trying to cover it with fake brick! This defacing of a perfectly good mid-century diner has mercifully ceased in mid-trauma, thanks to a call to the City Historic Preservation Officer. We will keep tabs on this one as well.


The Marcy Library Building on Central Avenue is slated to house the Foster Army Animal Rescue Thrift Store. The City’s Historic Preservation Office informed us that some interior items have been removed that shouldn’t have under the Mills Act agreement that the property is under. We will track this one closely.

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