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We are the Old Riverside Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit civic organization incorporated July 25, 1979. We are dedicated to the recognition, appreciation, and preservation of the built environment (buildings, feats of engineering, parks, avenues, landscaping features, and archaeological remains) throughout Riverside and the Inland Empire.

In order to further this goal, we offer a host of events, mostly free, some ticketed, which help educate owners of old homes with restoration or maintenance questions and ideas. Our website,, is not only visually beautiful, it has a wealth of information about resources for various kinds of help ranging from where to find parts for restoration of the old house links to restoration ideas, to various resources for financial aid – all useful to restoring and caring for an old house. Our salvage store, located mostly in our headquarters at the Weber House, is one of

the last places in Southern California for hard-to-find vintage house parts from door knobs to lighting fixtures to old windows and doors. All items are priced very reasonably and mostly salvaged from local Riverside structures.

What can we do for you? We offer you an inspiring platform to highlight your old house listing. Big or small we don’t care – just as long as it’s more than 50 years old! All you need to do is send a quick email to, with a description and three or four teaser pictures and we’ll take care of the rest. Be sure to include a link to your MLS listing so potential buyers can follow up and see all the details and pictures. We will then create a blog post on our website and our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

This is a great way to target your advertising to people interested in vintage homes, right? What will it cost you as the agent? Just a $199.00 donation! And, that is due only once the home has sold. The $199.00 includes the niche advertising and a $100.00 Friend membership for your client. The benefits of the Friend level membership include a quarterly newsletter, eligibility for our generous grant program, and 2 free tickets to our annual Old Riverside Vintage Home Tour (every spring on the Saturday after Mother’s Day!). And, as an added bonus to your member, the $199.00 donation is

tax deductible, since we are a 501c3 non-profit organization!

And, as an added bonus, we can offer a great space to host your next client appreciation event – the Weber House!!! Contact us about hosting possibilities, private or group tours, or other opportunities. Your clients will be talking about this unique and beautiful space long after the event is over!

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